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Bankers Blanket Bond Insurance
Banks and other financial institutions face a higher level of exposure to financial loss resulting from criminal behaviour than most other institutions. Employee theft, embezzlement, forgery, hold ups and fraud are all real risks in today's business environment and even more so in the financial sector. Our Bankers Blanket Bond policy addresses these risks. As the name implies this is a comprehensive crime and fidelity package designed specifically for banks and other financial institutions.
UGX 200,000
Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
Our D&O policy provides coverage to past and future Directors and Officers for losses arising out of a claim made against them for which they have not been indemnified by the corporation they are serving. Corporate Reimbursement cover provides coverage to the parent corporation for amounts lawfully paid by it to Indemnify a Director or Officer for losses resulting from a claim against him. NOTE: While the corporation is an insured, the insurance ONLY applies to amounts which it pays as indemnity to a Director or Officer in connection with a claim made against them. The policy is a CLAIMS MADE policy. Losses covered include: Judgments Settlements Defense Costs Separate Deductibles for Individuals & Company Limit of Liability is aggregate, not per occurrence
UGX 250,000
Fidelity Guarantee Insurance
Fidelity implies the faithful or loyal performance of a duty and a fidelity guarantee policy is an insurance against the results of dishonesty or disloyalty, both of which stem from a lack of fidelity. Fidelity guarantee may be bought by any organisation or person who may suffer as the result of the dishonesty, failure in the loyal performance of duty or, in certain cases, the mistake of another. The policy covers the employer against loss of money and/or stock through the dishonest acts of employees.
UGX 100,000
Kidnap and Ransom Insurance
AIG Ugandas Corporate Kidnap and Ransom/Extortion Insurance not only protects against financial loss but also provides the services of Kroll Associates, leading crisis management and security consultants, to manage incidents on the policyholder's behalf. Kidnap / Alleged Kidnap - A seizure or detention of an insured person for the purpose of demanding ransom monies Extortion - Payment demands following a threat to injure, or kill an Insured Person; damage property; contaminate products; divulge trade secrets; or destroy electronic data by computer virus. Wrongful Detention - Involuntary confinement by a government entity or insurgent organisation.
UGX 230,000
Pension Trustee Insurance
Pension fund trustee liability insurance provides protection for the trustees, the employees, the employer company and the scheme itself in the event of claims brought against them. The policy provides cover for settlement of legal action and for the costs of defending the action.
UGX 100,000
Professional Indemnity Insurance
The policy pays on behalf of the insured, all sums which the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as damages by reason of liability arising out of any negligent act, error, mistake, or omission in the rendering of or failure to render professional services for others in the insureds capacity as a professional. Reasonable legal defense costs are also available over and above the selected policy limit. Covers - Lawyers, Accountants, Architects, Surveyors, Brokers & other unspecified professions.
UGX 240,000
Cyber Edge
Data leaks and data losses can lead to regulatory fines and PR nightmares, while attacks could lead to shut-down servers and loss of both confidence and profits. AIG understands this and provides a package of protection that includes insurance and specialist advice.
UGX 50,000
Contaminated Products Insurance
Coverage includes accidental contamination and malicious tampering to food and drink products as well as Product Extortion. Cover features recall, replacement, clean-up loss which includes: Replacement or restoration costs Crisis containment costs Pre-recall expenses Recall and distribution costs Extortion monies Business interruption loss which includes loss of gross profit, expense to reduce loss, marketing expense and clean-up interruption
UGX 200,000
Employer's Liability Insurance
Provides cover for legal liability consequent upon death of, or bodily injury to, or illness of an employee which occurs during and in the course of employment and which results in a claim or claims first being made against the insured during the period of insurance. Cover is available only if it is purchased together with WCA.
UGX 450,000
Public Products Liability Insurance
Public/Products Insurance provides protection against claims arising from: Accidental bodily injury to any person Accidental loss of, or damage to, property Happening in connection with the business and occurring within the territorial limits described and happening during the period of insurance. Since the promise to indemnify is the basis of the policy, strictly speaking Insurers are not liable to make payment until the Insured has been found "legally liable" to pay for damages.
UGX 200,000
Workmen's Compensation Act (2000) Insurance
Provides for compensation to employees for work related injuries & diseases contracted in the course of employment.
UGX 34,000